What is Vintage Luxe?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who can explain the difference between Lone Star Pin-up and Vintage Luxe? Is one taking the place of the other? Are they both amazing portrait experiences? Which one will transform me into the fairest of them all?
There, there; no need to fret while looking into a mirror. Lone Star Pin-up and Vintage Luxe both deliver amazing portrait experiences, with unique distinctions to capture the myriad of looks and desires any woman would want to immortalize. Allow me to dispel the confusion between the two.
Lone Star Pin-up, the original photography studio owned by the fabulous Erin Shephard, offers clients the chance to recreate pin-up bombshells and glamorous starlets from days gone by. Recreate is the key word here. If you feel like channeling Audrey Hepburn, Lone Star Pin-up is for you. If you long to be a Vargas girl, Lone Star Pin-up is for you. If you want to be Snow White-like, Lone Star Pin-up is for you. With a closet full of retro clothing and fantastic costumes, the possibilities are endless.
Vintage Luxe, Erin Shephard’s second offering, captures high style and classic appeal, all in one glamorous presentation. Vintage, by definition, not only means classic, but also timeless, ageless and superior. Luxe, while short for luxury, can also be described as opulence, magnificence, and lavishness. No time periods to recreate, no fashions defined by a specific generation; only you in your timeless, magnificent Vintage Luxe lusciousness.
Whether you chose to schedule a session with Lone Star Pin-up, Vintage Luxe, or both, rest assured your results will be spellbindingly gorgeous.














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