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Vintage Luxe – a glamorous portrait experience where high fashion meets vintage. Recently Erin, my niece, invited me for a sneak peek session, along with her mom, my older sister. Even though we live in close proximity to one another, doing a girls’ day out as a threesome is always a treat – and a sneak peek of Vintage Luxe, well, even better.
I picked up the sis and we headed to the studio sans our usual “in public” personas. Who needs to fix their face and hair when a professional is about to take care of it? Upon arrival, Erin greeted us and then quickly directed us to one of our wardrobe choices. Earlier in the month we decided on gowns from Rent the Runway, an uber cool fashion rental site that has selections for any special occasion. Happy with the style and fit of our rentals, we picked some additional dresses and accessories from the Vintage Luxe inventory.
Next – makeup and hair! Dane of Fierce Faces followed Erin’s recommendations to a “t”. It was very relaxing to just sit and let Dane do her great work. One by one we were fiercely transformed.
We smiled. We shifted. We pouted. We posed. Erin had previously painted a custom backdrop and decided on just the right props to achieve our desired results. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, our session was done for the day.
As we previewed our images, I got a little misty-eyed thinking about our individual internal struggles. Erin, who received one of the few family height genes, was always taller than her peers – a lot taller. Her loving home and good nature kept any ill effects in check, with only a short-lived “flat shoes only” phase.  Now she’s stunningly head-and-shoulders above the rest, both literally and as a photographer.
My sister was always considered the intelligent tomboy. Her Mediterranean ethnicity gave her striking features that she tried to downplay while talking football. But the truth is, my sister is a beauteous brainiac, whose career involved selflessly imparting knowledge to others.
During the wonder years, I was the “pretty one” according to our parents. But to everyone else, I was the “fat one.” Shamed long before shaming was named, I grew up always on a diet. It’s only now that I can embrace the health and active lifestyle my search for self-esteem has afforded me.

While we settle on our favorites, dare I say we look sumptuous, elegant; gorgeous perhaps? We are all created uniquely beautiful. Don’t let it take a lifetime to believe it. Allow yourself the indulgence of Vintage Luxe.


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