Client Feature – Jen

It’s time for another gorgeous client feature! Here is Jen’s story in her own words…

To any of you ladies who are on the fence about doing a shoot, I would just like to share my experiences with Erin and Lone Star Pin-up.
I spent many years with self esteem issues due to bullying from school and even members of my family. I’ve always been far from a supermodel and the socially accepted version of “beauty” or “sexy”.
 I was invited by a fellow army wife to a pinup party at Lone Star and I decided why not, I’ll go and have some fun, even tho I was SO nervous. Erin and Wendy were so wonderful and welcoming and helped me relax and get comfortable enough to even smile for a photo (rare thing).

After the first shoot, I started to gain some self esteem again, after 23 years and 2 kids, I actually liked myself. 
So I went back and kept going back, and it was my “mommy time” where I could go and enjoy myself and relax and be pampered and get all prettied up. 
And as silly as it may sound, I honestly think had I not found pinup and met these wonderful ladies I would still hate myself and my body and wouldn’t have been doing this the last 4 years. 
So to me, its worth every penny, and I can’t wait to go back.








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Time to Celebrate

“Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Haaaappy Anniversary!” It’s a family favorite. We can’t celebrate any type of anniversary without immediately thinking of the Flintstones’ Anniversary Song. I’ve had it in my head for a few days now, singing it over and over. And over. It’s hard to believe Lone Star Pin-up has been in its new location for one full year. That’s 365 days for those of you who like to count things in, well, days. I think back to my humble garage beginnings back in 2008. That’s right – garage. Who cares about cars getting exposed to the elements when you can have fancy schmancy dress up goodies one step away from your laundry room. I’m so grateful for my clients and associates who crammed themselves into that too-small space, allowing me to capture their inner pin-up, while I also honed my skills and style. In the fall of 2010 when the “sardine” thing was no longer an option, I leased my first commercial space. I’ve never actually opened a can of sardines, I’m just taking the idiom’s word for it. While the lease space was roomy and comfortable and served the business well, a particular piece of real estate caught my eye just a little over a year ago. After much paperwork and planning, a 1930’s two-story Greek Revival located in the historic district of Temple, Texas is where Lone Star Pin-up has been recreating classic pin-up artwork and photos for the past year. There’s storage galore, a permanent retro kitchen set, and windows, windows, windows for breathtaking natural lighting shoots. I can even bring motorcycles and vintage vehicles right into the back courtyard for private outdoor sessions. It’s been an exciting year of sanding, painting, organizing and transforming, and I can’t wait for you to see it.
If you haven’t visited the studio yet, I’d love for you to come take a look at the “Pin-up Palace.” On Saturday, February 21, 2015, between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM, stop by 618 North Main Street in Temple, Texas, Here’s some of the fun to be had…

*Meet and greet with myself and the crew

*Tour the studio (I rent to other photographers too!)

*Light refreshments and drinks

*Mini makeovers by Blood and Glitter Makeup (First come, first served on these, ladies!)

*Free headshot 


*Discounted sessions (If you’ve been thinking of booking a private session, you won’t want to miss this)

It’s going to be a fabulous afternoon, lovelies. I couldn’t have done any of it without you. Muah!



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Come to our open house!

It’s hard to believe we’ve been at our new location for a full year already! If you haven’t had a chance to visit the studio, we’d love for you to come take a look at our “Pin-up Palace.” Here’s some of the fun we’ll be having…
*Meet and greet with our crew
*Tour the studio (We rent to other photographers too!)
*Light refreshments and drinks
*Mini makeovers by Blood and Glitter Makeup (First come, first served on these, ladies!)
*Free headshot
*Discounted sessions (If you’ve been thinking of booking a private session, you won’t want to miss this)

February 21, 2015
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

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It’s Okay to Love Barbie

Barbie sometimes gets a bad rap. With her perfect complexion, voluptuous figure, tailored outfits with matching accessories, a gigantic, dreamy house and a speedy ride; she’s a negative influence, a detrimental role model. It’s unrealistic to aspire to be Barbie. That’s right gals…because she’s a toy; a toy that’s number one in the world of collectible dolls.
Barbie was the brainchild of Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel Toys. Ruth noticed her young daughter, Barbara, and friends playing make-believe with their adult-like paper dolls. After realizing that no such type of three-dimensional doll existed, Ruth began extensive conception and development. In1959 at the American Toy Fair in New York City, Barbie Millicent Roberts was born.

The inspirations for our recreations, Silkstone Barbies (these images copyright Mattel)

Barbie’s first official profession was “Teen Fashion Model.” She initially had at least twenty outfits from which to choose, with current fashion trends represented in her ever- evolving wardrobe. Many famous designers, including Bob Mackie, Kate Spade and Christian Louboutin, have worked for Barbie, keeping her closet enviable and at the forefront of garment and footwear popularity. Barbie’s ensembles have taken her through a plethora of career changes and animated adventures.
So why love Barbie? In her “mom’s” own words, “Barbie has always represented that a woman has choices.” Wherever our choices take us; to our job, out grocery shopping, caring for our family, or on an adventure of our own, we can also make the choice to feel beautiful and embrace our uniqueness each day. Every woman deserves to be an icon herself. Come visit us at Lone Star Pin-up and let us immortalize your style.
History of Barbie Dolls How A Fashion Icon Was BornBarbie Outfits

Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming Barbie shoots! These gorgeous costumes were inspired by Barbie’s own wardrobe (pictured above) and brought to life by Tiffany of Sew She Said. Blood and Glitter Makeup provided the perfect makeover and the rest is history!










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Client Feature – Kristin

It’s time for another fabulous client feature! Here’s Kristin’s story in her own words…

I could not have had a better experience working with Erin and Lone Star Pin-up!
My photo shoot was over a year in the making. I was told about Lone Star Pin-up from a friend and coworker. We work with professional photographers on a daily basis and have exceptionally high standards for photography. All of the ladies buzzed in the office over the impressive website but there was always a reason to wait (“I just need a few months at the gym first”, “Once I do that juice fast I am going”, etc) and before I knew it I was a month out from my five year wedding anniversary. It was time to get over the excuses and make an appointment.

Despite my incredibly hectic schedule and extremely short notice Erin was gracious and accommodating to my eleventh hour photo shoot so that I could give the hubs his present on time. Not only were the final images beyond my high expectations (sans any workout or juice fast) but Erin created a fun, relaxed atmosphere that made for a really special day. As a mom with a full time job it is so rare to take time for yourself just to feel beautiful. The whole experience ended up being as much of a present for me as it was for my husband!
Needless to say several of my lady friends and coworkers have since had sessions at Lone Star with similarly breathtaking results. Whether it is for someone special or just for yourself, I couldn’t recommend Lone Star Pin-up more.
Thanks Erin, I’ll be back for anniversary number 6!




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Client Feature – Joyce

Here’s our next client feature from one of the amazing ladies from our 2012 Houston trip! Here’s Joyce’s story in her words…

Vavoom!! I am a Pin Up!
I’ve always been attracted to “old” Hollywood – the sultry look of the Sirens of the Silver Screen. Harlow, Garbo, Dietrich, Lamarr, Hayworth, Gardner, Monroe, Russell – all those images were so appealing. The “Pin Up” has also captured my imagination – it truly celebrates the female form; highlighting a woman’s strength, and her curves. The Burlesque Queens – I saw the images as women celebrating being women and reveling in their power. These images are all potent and compelling.
I grew from a spindly, scraped-kneed, child sporting a page boy, into a curvy girl, extremely curvy. I felt a connection to those Star, Queens and Pin Ups of years past. I admired their power, their style, and of course, their sense of fashion. As I grew into an adult, they told me it was all right to rejoice in my form, highlight my attributes, be proud of my “gifts”. It took some convincing, but I eventually heard them loud and clear. I could celebrate my form, and still be true to workplace conventions. It’s a tasteful balancing act, but it can be easily done.
Years passed, I was a full-fledged adult with all the complications that come with that, yet I still felt the pull of those sirens. I found Lone Star Pin Up on Facebook and was thrilled to see women celebrating themselves in the photographs. Erin’s keen eye and creative talent, along with the fabulous costumes, and talented make-up artists brought out the best in each subject she worked with, ignited that inner spark, that inner siren. I’d often thought about having professional photos done, but at the age of 52, having broken up with my boyfriend of 15 years, and being overweight – downright fat, I felt I was far from a siren.
Yet, I kept looking at the images. And I wondered…Could I do that? Would I do that? My chance came when Erin announced that she was coming to Houston to do a shoot. I thought, well – now’s the time, you’re not going to get any younger, skinnier or richer – DO IT! So, I booked the appointment, and put my money down. I then spent the next few weeks deciding what outfits to bring with me, and what look I was going for. I poured over all the images on the Lone Star Pin Up website seeking inspiration.

The big day came, and Erin called me to see if I could show up early as her first appointment of the day. Sure! Let’s do this! I found the studio easily and arrived as things were being set up. I’d brought a few things to try, and there were plenty of other options there to choose from. I slid into the make-up chair, excited to have my make-up professionally done. I’d taken the morning off work, and hadn’t told anyone what I was up to – no friends, no family. This was all for me. Blood and Glitter did amazing things with my make-up and short hair. The siren was emerging.
Erin and I chatted a minute or two before I went to change into the dress I’d brought. Erin coached me, coaxed me and made me feel more like a siren. I began to have some fun. Then, it was time to get sultry. I changed into my second outfit and let my inner vixen emerge. Erin was right there to encourage me. It was all over too soon. I went to change, and Erin went to download the images so we could review them. She warned me that I might be surprised by the initial proofs, but not to lose heart, the retouching process would remove any of my apprehensions. Erin told me to focus on the pose when selecting my images. My trepidation melted away, and I followed her instructions and selected a group of images; I‘d get the final versions in a week or so.

As quickly as it began, it was over. I drove away and reflected on the event. It was horrifying, utter terrifying, incredibly empowering, and immensely liberating! I was so thrilled that I had done it. I might not share the photos with anyone, but I had done something that upon deeper consideration, I had been afraid of. I was afraid that I was too old, that I was too overweight, that I was not anything close to a siren. I now felt invigorated, renewed, and even powerful.
Then the photos arrived. Was that me? I was more than pleased. I was a siren, a pin up, a vixen. Dare I say it? I was proud of each image. I flipped through them over, and over; captivated by the woman that I saw in them, finally proudly realizing that was the woman I was, the woman I AM. Thank you, Erin. Thank you for using your lens to help me see ME.


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The Biggest Photoshoot Hair Mistake

You did it. You’re worth it. You deserve this – a day of pampering with a glamorous makeover and photo shoot. Your session is in just a few days. You ponder the possibilities of wardrobe choices and fabulous accessories. You’ve planned your manicure. You separate your fingers and run them through your hair. Hair – is there anything you need to consider about your hair?
Yes! Wash your hair the night before your appointment. It’s a common misconception that dirty hair is easier to work with. It’s not; it’s just dirty. However, it is true that freshly washed hair is difficult to manage. Everyone’s hair is a bit different, but as a general rule, washing your hair the night before will give enough time for the moisture and natural oils in your hair to reach the optimum balance. This will allow your hair to be properly coiffed and styled.
No worries once you arrive at the studio. The wonderfully talented stylists Lone Star Pin-up partners with specialize in vintage looks. Finger waves, victory rolls, bouffants, beehives – they’ll select just the right hairstyle to achieve the pin-up glam you desire. All you have to do is lather, rinse and repeat.

What's a girl to do with all that hair?

What’s a girl to do with all that hair?


Don't ruin the potential for gorgeous vintage waves!

Don’t ruin the potential for gorgeous vintage waves!


An Eye-Catching Ad for Vintage Swimwear

Perfectly coiffed and ready to go!

Women’s Hair, Retro Hair Styles


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Client Feature – Amanda

We are super excited for our very first client feature! This lovely lady has visited us several times and we think she has some killer images (and curves) that we’d love to share. Here’s Amanda’s story in her words…

Before my first session with Lone Star Pin-up, I was going through an emotional time. I had just entered into my 30’s, and with that came the female adult hormone shift. I felt ugly, overweight, and all around not good enough to step outside, much less take some pictures. My face looked like I was a teenager again, and I rapidly gained about 30 pounds. This was on top of my last 10 years of constant illness… I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in my early 20’s, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid, but also causes the entire body to feel run down and never able to catch back up. My weight has been anywhere from 160 pounds to 220 pounds. As you can probably imagine, having someone do my makeup/hair and take some pictures of me was not on my number 1 things to do list.

I saw, through a share on Facebook, some of Erin’s work, and I admired her eye. I have been dabbling in photography myself for 15 years (animals, scenery, mud runs, sporting events), but not portraits. I was always behind the camera, and never in front of it. After looking through her Before and After album, I was then in awe at her editing skills. This woman could do wonders!! After talking with some friends, and showing them her albums, they encouraged me to do it. I hadn’t taken a “professional” portrait in at least 10 years. I never trusted anyone to take a shot of me that didn’t show my double chin, or my large hips, or my “Quadzilla” thighs.

I am a single woman with a single income, so money was tight, but I am thankful that Erin offers Specials. I did a mini-session during the week last Summer, so it was easier to afford. In my mind, I certainly didn’t want to spend a ton of money for something that I may not like. The cheaper the better when you’re on a budget…
The day came, and so did the rain and floods (Was this a sign to turn around and go back?). Erin was located in Killeen at that time, and I had never been down there. I drove almost an hour in the flooding, and ended up 10 minutes late. Great first impression on my part, let me tell you. I just wanted to go home at this point. The stress was getting to me, and I already didn’t feel good. I didn’t know what I wanted to wear, I had no ideas, I was completely lost. After trying on what felt like a hundred costumes/outfits, I finally said “BLACK. Let’s just go with Black.” I was always told, “always go with Black if you can’t find anything else to wear”, so I did.

Wendy (MakeUpAndHair) was exasperated, I could tell. I had thrown off her schedule, and I put some foundation on before leaving the house. (Remember, I had teenager face so I never went ANYWHERE without covering it up.) REMINDER: Come with a clean face!!! After washing my face, and getting my hair rolled up, Wendy made me feel comfortable about the process. (Don’t open your eyes when she puts the liner on!!!) I was an awful client that day!! I felt for sure that she would tell Erin to never let me back into sessions where she was MUAH!
Then, onto the photo shoot. I knew that I had dimples and bumps hanging out everywhere, but I trusted Erin to not post anything that wasn’t dignifying. I was so uncomfortable in those tall heels and a really tight corset (was having a bad day physically as well), but Erin let me take my time moving into position and getting setup for each pose. Erin guided expressions and poses during each shot, and before I knew it, it was over. Wow. I wanted to keep going. HA!!

I love that you can review your shots right then. (Tip: when looking at your shots, they are raw, and not the final product. Look ONLY at your face and body position. Do not look at the imperfections!!!) I found quite a few at that first session that really highlighted the areas that I do like about myself. I left feeling like an over-made-up kid, but overall, it was a positive experience. Later that day, Erin posted one of my shots on her Facebook. I was completely in awe. I couldn’t believe that was me. She told me later that she really didn’t do much post processing to that shot, and that it was all me (helps to have a good photographer to capture it though!!).

I started saving immediately for my next shoot. 2 months later I did 2 sessions, and 3 months later I did 2 more (one with my sister). Then 1 after that!! As long as Erin keeps bringing the quality, I will keep lending my face! 😉 Whenever I feel down about myself, I let Erin pick me back up. She and Wendy have been miracle workers this last year, and I hope for more years to come!
– Amanda

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Bathing suit time!

Gorgeous Vintage Woman in Green Ruched Bathing Suit

Gorgeous Vintage Woman in Green Ruched Bathing Suit

It’s that time of year again beauties – time for lemonade sipping, beach tripping, pool dipping, and all things fun in the sum-sum-summertime.  One must have an adorable bathing suit, or two, to wear as the mercury starts rising.  Where did the name bathing suit come from anyway?  Which fetching retro suits are your favorites?  Let’s explore the answers to these burning questions together, shall we?

Marilyn Monroe in a Gorgeous Two-Tone Number

Marilyn Monroe in a Gorgeous Two-Tone Number

The name “bathing suit” came into existence because that’s what gals did together in them – bathe.  Those Roman Empire babes didn’t just sit at the bar and have a drink.  They were being scrubbed and oiled while they babbled about socials, scandals, and such.  They had spa day everyday.  Even though history isn’t clear what their bathing suits looked like, it is clear that communal baths were the “in” thing to do.

An Eye-Catching Ad for Vintage Swimwear

An Eye-Catching Ad for Vintage Swimwear

It wasn’t until the mid 1800s that swimming for enjoyment became a popular pastime.  And, those suits were downright hot.  Not hot like sexy, but hot because they were made of wool and covered a multitude of skin. Suits were modest and sensible until the early 1900s, and as more time passed, less fabric was used. First there were one-piece bathing suits, and then midriff sightings.  Stretchy, shiny fabrics paved the way for higher cut legs and lower cut necklines.  Thankfully today we have a plethora of blended styles, with vintage-inspired bathing suits being just as sought after as a string bikini.  Peruse the photos below and let me know your favorites.  Hurry – there’s a chaise lounge open!

1950's Jantzen One Piece Suit

1950’s Jantzen One Piece Suit

History of Women’s Bathing Suits
History of Swimwear
Vintage images from Pinterest, sources unknown.

Gorgeous Retro Girls Posing on the Beach

Gorgeous Retro Girls Posing on the Beach



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Look like a supermodel!

We are super excited to announce our newest offering! As you know, we offer minimal to extensive photo retouching as per our clients’ preference. Surely you have seen the latest and greatest obsession in models, the thigh gap. The coveted thigh gap has been envied for years among women, and now you can have your very own!
Add a thigh gap to any of your photos for just $55 per image. Get ready to look like a super model, ladies!

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