Let There Be Light

Photographers are typically mild-mannered, easy-going and fun-loving – unless we are debating studio lighting versus natural light. Then we can get downright ugly. There are pros and cons to both, and everyone has their own opinion. I’m thrilled to have both options to offer my clients. The windows on the north side of my studio offer the perfect setting for achieving enchanting natural light portraits. It’s not like I can load up my clients and take them to the local park for a shoot. Well, I could, but the beauties would cause quite a commotion.
There are many advantages to natural light in general. Natural light has been used as a mood enhancer. Who isn’t happier when the sun is shining, right? Also, natural light is used in homes to make rooms seem larger and more ethereal. Sounds perfect for a photography studio. Natural light portraits have a dreamy quality with their delicate shadows and organic feel. Just look at these gorgeous gals who’ve been captured in natural light here at our studio:
















At Lone Star Pin-up, we make your retro experience as unique as you. Whichever vintage style you desire, we’ll create the perfect ambiance with just the right lighting to make you shine.
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