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We are super excited for our very first client feature! This lovely lady has visited us several times and we think she has some killer images (and curves) that we’d love to share. Here’s Amanda’s story in her words…

Before my first session with Lone Star Pin-up, I was going through an emotional time. I had just entered into my 30’s, and with that came the female adult hormone shift. I felt ugly, overweight, and all around not good enough to step outside, much less take some pictures. My face looked like I was a teenager again, and I rapidly gained about 30 pounds. This was on top of my last 10 years of constant illness… I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in my early 20’s, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid, but also causes the entire body to feel run down and never able to catch back up. My weight has been anywhere from 160 pounds to 220 pounds. As you can probably imagine, having someone do my makeup/hair and take some pictures of me was not on my number 1 things to do list.

I saw, through a share on Facebook, some of Erin’s work, and I admired her eye. I have been dabbling in photography myself for 15 years (animals, scenery, mud runs, sporting events), but not portraits. I was always behind the camera, and never in front of it. After looking through her Before and After album, I was then in awe at her editing skills. This woman could do wonders!! After talking with some friends, and showing them her albums, they encouraged me to do it. I hadn’t taken a “professional” portrait in at least 10 years. I never trusted anyone to take a shot of me that didn’t show my double chin, or my large hips, or my “Quadzilla” thighs.

I am a single woman with a single income, so money was tight, but I am thankful that Erin offers Specials. I did a mini-session during the week last Summer, so it was easier to afford. In my mind, I certainly didn’t want to spend a ton of money for something that I may not like. The cheaper the better when you’re on a budget…
The day came, and so did the rain and floods (Was this a sign to turn around and go back?). Erin was located in Killeen at that time, and I had never been down there. I drove almost an hour in the flooding, and ended up 10 minutes late. Great first impression on my part, let me tell you. I just wanted to go home at this point. The stress was getting to me, and I already didn’t feel good. I didn’t know what I wanted to wear, I had no ideas, I was completely lost. After trying on what felt like a hundred costumes/outfits, I finally said “BLACK. Let’s just go with Black.” I was always told, “always go with Black if you can’t find anything else to wear”, so I did.

Wendy (MakeUpAndHair) was exasperated, I could tell. I had thrown off her schedule, and I put some foundation on before leaving the house. (Remember, I had teenager face so I never went ANYWHERE without covering it up.) REMINDER: Come with a clean face!!! After washing my face, and getting my hair rolled up, Wendy made me feel comfortable about the process. (Don’t open your eyes when she puts the liner on!!!) I was an awful client that day!! I felt for sure that she would tell Erin to never let me back into sessions where she was MUAH!
Then, onto the photo shoot. I knew that I had dimples and bumps hanging out everywhere, but I trusted Erin to not post anything that wasn’t dignifying. I was so uncomfortable in those tall heels and a really tight corset (was having a bad day physically as well), but Erin let me take my time moving into position and getting setup for each pose. Erin guided expressions and poses during each shot, and before I knew it, it was over. Wow. I wanted to keep going. HA!!

I love that you can review your shots right then. (Tip: when looking at your shots, they are raw, and not the final product. Look ONLY at your face and body position. Do not look at the imperfections!!!) I found quite a few at that first session that really highlighted the areas that I do like about myself. I left feeling like an over-made-up kid, but overall, it was a positive experience. Later that day, Erin posted one of my shots on her Facebook. I was completely in awe. I couldn’t believe that was me. She told me later that she really didn’t do much post processing to that shot, and that it was all me (helps to have a good photographer to capture it though!!).

I started saving immediately for my next shoot. 2 months later I did 2 sessions, and 3 months later I did 2 more (one with my sister). Then 1 after that!! As long as Erin keeps bringing the quality, I will keep lending my face! 😉 Whenever I feel down about myself, I let Erin pick me back up. She and Wendy have been miracle workers this last year, and I hope for more years to come!
– Amanda

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  1. M.F. Luder
    Posted July 14, 2014 at 7:52 am | Permalink

    Amanda, if you read this I want you to know a lot of us guys do not like seeing women who are skin and bones. You are absolutely stunning and your body is perfect. I am married to my very curvy and beautiful wife of almost ten years, I am asking her to do some boudaire and pinup photos for me (that is how I stumbled across this website). Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures and I am sorry today’s society has made you feel uncomfortable because you have some curves! My wife and I agree you are amazingly beautiful!

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