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It’s Okay to Love Barbie

  Barbie sometimes gets a bad rap. With her perfect complexion, voluptuous figure, tailored outfits with matching accessories, a gigantic, dreamy house and a speedy ride; she’s a negative influence, a detrimental role model. It’s unrealistic to aspire to be Barbie. That’s right gals…because she’s a toy; a toy that’s number one in the world […]

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Bathing suit time!

Gorgeous Vintage Woman in Green Ruched Bathing Suit     It’s that time of year again beauties – time for lemonade sipping, beach tripping, pool dipping, and all things fun in the sum-sum-summertime.  One must have an adorable bathing suit, or two, to wear as the mercury starts rising.  Where did the name bathing suit […]

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Who’s afraid of a little ol’ bullet bra?

  Some of you may want to shoot me, and I’m not talking about with a camera. I fear you may become upset with what I’m about to declare. When I suggest an absolutely fabulous retro bullet bra for a client’s pin-up session, I cringe when I get the response, “I don’t want to look […]

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