Aqua – Client Feature

It’s time for another amazing client feature! Here is Aqua’s story in her own words…

I began my pin-up journey in 2010 with a group photo session with my mom and sister. From the first meeting, Erin was warm, personable, lighthearted and kept us engaged and having fun. When I look back on those pictures I see my mom’s brilliant laugh as we caught the Marilyn Monroe subway skirt pose, and the hint of seduction in my sister who was newly married. I love that I was able to see new sides of my loved ones and even better that they were captured forever in Lone Star Pin Up’s photography.

I returned to Erin after getting married and wanting to do something a little more daring for my dear husband. We discussed my ideas and a vision was born for my desired look. That’s the real beauty of working with Lone Star Pin Up. This isn’t a photographer putting you in four basic poses, clicking the shutter and moving on. Erin talks to you, gets a feel for the mood and image you want to create. Once you have your look she helps you to relax and have fun. This is crucial. When you see your pictures on screen for the first time you are blown away. This isn’t a phony, posed you. This is the birth of a you you didn’t know exsisted. In a word you are STUNNING. That’s what Erin does. Every time, in every session.

My third session brought me back with my beloved Vespa. This session was FUN, SEXY, FLIRTY and OUTRAGEOUS! I saw a new side to Lone Star Pin Up in this photo shoot. Playful, creative and brilliant. Maybe that’s what keeps me coming back for more. Yes, the photos are amazing but it’s more than that. Erin helps you create a new kind of art. Photographic art and you are the star attraction. Getting my hair and make up done by supremely talented make up artists, a glorious wardrobe full of clothing choices even Elizabeth Taylor would envy and top it off with the most talented photographer in all of Texas (I drive from Dallas to see her!) and you get the best photo session in your life. No kidding.



My most recent session with Lone Star Pin Up was not for me but for my 18 year old daughter. Having experienced the kind of cocoon/butterfly change that happens when working with Erin and her support staff, I wanted my daughter who is emerging into adulthood to have that as well. What was most wonderful was witnessing her reaction step by step. The make up, the hair, the clothing, the posing. Seeing her emerge out of her shell, discover and new side of herself and awaken a new self confidence. Yes, I know a photo session can’t give you all those things. That’s the best part. She had them all along and she USED them while in the photo shoot. What a beautiful experience and gift to share with my daughter. I will be forever grateful to Erin for those memories and for what it gave to my daughter.
Aqua Webb
Lone Star Pin Up VIP – for life!!
Like mother, like daughter…



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