Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so we’re celebrating with a fabulous sale for a limited time only. Book a session for mom, yourself, or with an amazing woman in your life!


Mother’s Day Special Session – $375
Professional hair and makeup styling
One outfit change with access to our fabulous costume closet
Posing instruction and facial expression coaching throughout your shoot
A gallery of images to review immediately following your shoot
One 11×14 mounted print with retouching
20% off any prints or products purchased on the day of your session

Mother’s Day Duo Special Session – $675
Professional hair and makeup styling for two women
One outfit change per person with access to our fabulous costume closet
Posing instruction and facial expression coaching throughout your shoot
A gallery of images to review immediately following your shoot
Two 11×14 mounted prints with retouching
20% off any prints or products purchased on the day of your session

Mother’s Day Trio Special Session – $975
Professional hair and makeup styling for three women
One outfit change per person with access to our fabulous costume closet
Posing instruction and facial expression coaching throughout your shoot
A gallery of images to review immediately following your shoot
Three 11×14 mounted prints with retouching and high res digital copy
20% off any prints or products purchased on the day of your session

You have until September 30, 2017 to complete your shoot and qualify for the discount, otherwise your payment will be kept on file for a regular priced session. All payments are non refundable and non transferable. All other promotions, discounts, coupons and gift vouchers are excluded from this special. Sales tax not included. New bookings only, may not be combined with a session previously booked.

Need a little inspiration? Check out these beautiful moms, sisters and daughters. Gorgeous!

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June Casting Call

This is your chance to book a fabulous retro makeover and photo session at a huge discount at our Temple, TX studio and let us handle all the details. No experience is required!

Please be sure to read ALL info and follow ALL directions to avoid disqualification.

Women of all ages, ethnicities, shapes and sizes are welcome to apply! Teens ages 13-17 may also apply with parental consent and supervision throughout the shoot.

If chosen, we will hand select a look perfect for you and pose you throughout the session.

Don’t want to wait? You can always book your own session and choose your own theme at We always have new specials coming up!

We always get a ton of amazing applicants for these sessions and unfortunately cannot choose everyone or reply to every email individually. The entry period will be open through April 19 and we will try to narrow down the submissions and make the decision as soon as possible.


You MUST be available to shoot at one of the following dates at our studio in Temple, TX: June 3, 4, 10, 11 or 25

We are offering our $450 Basic Session at 70% off (that’s only $135!) which includes professional hair and makeup styling and 2 outfits.

Any a la carte prints or products you’d like to purchase will be at 30% off our regular prices and digital images will be 50% off our regular prices. You can find our complete pricing info at, just click on Pricing & Packages.

As with all our portrait sessions, there is NO obligation to purchase anything. You will be required to sign a model release allowing us to share your lovely images.

We only have a few openings on June 3, 4, 10, 11 or 25. If you are interested and available please email booking(AT)lonestarpinup(DOT)com with ALL of the following information and the subject line:


If you’d like to apply for both castings, please send two separate emails.

Be sure to include a recent full body photo and close up selfie of yourself where you are clearly visible. These photos should showcase your personality, so whether it’s bright and bubbly, dark and mysterious, or anywhere in between…we want to be inspired!

Your full name:

Where do you live:

Best contact phone:


Which dates are you available and do you prefer morning or afternoon?:



Dress size:

Shoe size:

Bra size:

Favorite color:


Dream vacation:

A fun fact about yourself:

Do you have a personal preference or a job that requires a more conservative photoshoot? This is not a disqualifier, but will help us in choosing your look:

Why do you want to shoot with us?:

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Katy Client Feature

We are excited to share another fabulous client testimonial with you all!

I’ve shot with Erin at Lone Star Pinup on 3 different occasions and every time was amazing. As a mom of 3 little boys it’s hard to feel like anything close to a woman sometimes but they made me feel like a model. My first shoot I was really nervous and wanted to do some pictures for my husband to show him I still had it. It did more than that, I ended up getting a boost of confidence that was addicting. It was my first time to take professional photos and I was convinced I wouldn’t like any of the photos because I was self conscious. Erin and her make up artist did such a good job I could barely pick just a few poses! I ended up with 6 of the most beautiful pictures that wowed everyone. I would recommend them to anyone wanting high quality and unique photos for any reason.






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What is Vintage Luxe?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who can explain the difference between Lone Star Pin-up and Vintage Luxe? Is one taking the place of the other? Are they both amazing portrait experiences? Which one will transform me into the fairest of them all?
There, there; no need to fret while looking into a mirror. Lone Star Pin-up and Vintage Luxe both deliver amazing portrait experiences, with unique distinctions to capture the myriad of looks and desires any woman would want to immortalize. Allow me to dispel the confusion between the two.
Lone Star Pin-up, the original photography studio owned by the fabulous Erin Shephard, offers clients the chance to recreate pin-up bombshells and glamorous starlets from days gone by. Recreate is the key word here. If you feel like channeling Audrey Hepburn, Lone Star Pin-up is for you. If you long to be a Vargas girl, Lone Star Pin-up is for you. If you want to be Snow White-like, Lone Star Pin-up is for you. With a closet full of retro clothing and fantastic costumes, the possibilities are endless.
Vintage Luxe, Erin Shephard’s second offering, captures high style and classic appeal, all in one glamorous presentation. Vintage, by definition, not only means classic, but also timeless, ageless and superior. Luxe, while short for luxury, can also be described as opulence, magnificence, and lavishness. No time periods to recreate, no fashions defined by a specific generation; only you in your timeless, magnificent Vintage Luxe lusciousness.
Whether you chose to schedule a session with Lone Star Pin-up, Vintage Luxe, or both, rest assured your results will be spellbindingly gorgeous.














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Aqua – Client Feature

It’s time for another amazing client feature! Here is Aqua’s story in her own words…

I began my pin-up journey in 2010 with a group photo session with my mom and sister. From the first meeting, Erin was warm, personable, lighthearted and kept us engaged and having fun. When I look back on those pictures I see my mom’s brilliant laugh as we caught the Marilyn Monroe subway skirt pose, and the hint of seduction in my sister who was newly married. I love that I was able to see new sides of my loved ones and even better that they were captured forever in Lone Star Pin Up’s photography.

I returned to Erin after getting married and wanting to do something a little more daring for my dear husband. We discussed my ideas and a vision was born for my desired look. That’s the real beauty of working with Lone Star Pin Up. This isn’t a photographer putting you in four basic poses, clicking the shutter and moving on. Erin talks to you, gets a feel for the mood and image you want to create. Once you have your look she helps you to relax and have fun. This is crucial. When you see your pictures on screen for the first time you are blown away. This isn’t a phony, posed you. This is the birth of a you you didn’t know exsisted. In a word you are STUNNING. That’s what Erin does. Every time, in every session.

My third session brought me back with my beloved Vespa. This session was FUN, SEXY, FLIRTY and OUTRAGEOUS! I saw a new side to Lone Star Pin Up in this photo shoot. Playful, creative and brilliant. Maybe that’s what keeps me coming back for more. Yes, the photos are amazing but it’s more than that. Erin helps you create a new kind of art. Photographic art and you are the star attraction. Getting my hair and make up done by supremely talented make up artists, a glorious wardrobe full of clothing choices even Elizabeth Taylor would envy and top it off with the most talented photographer in all of Texas (I drive from Dallas to see her!) and you get the best photo session in your life. No kidding.



My most recent session with Lone Star Pin Up was not for me but for my 18 year old daughter. Having experienced the kind of cocoon/butterfly change that happens when working with Erin and her support staff, I wanted my daughter who is emerging into adulthood to have that as well. What was most wonderful was witnessing her reaction step by step. The make up, the hair, the clothing, the posing. Seeing her emerge out of her shell, discover and new side of herself and awaken a new self confidence. Yes, I know a photo session can’t give you all those things. That’s the best part. She had them all along and she USED them while in the photo shoot. What a beautiful experience and gift to share with my daughter. I will be forever grateful to Erin for those memories and for what it gave to my daughter.
Aqua Webb
Lone Star Pin Up VIP – for life!!
Like mother, like daughter…



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Vintage Luxe


Vintage Luxe – a glamorous portrait experience where high fashion meets vintage. Recently Erin, my niece, invited me for a sneak peek session, along with her mom, my older sister. Even though we live in close proximity to one another, doing a girls’ day out as a threesome is always a treat – and a sneak peek of Vintage Luxe, well, even better.
I picked up the sis and we headed to the studio sans our usual “in public” personas. Who needs to fix their face and hair when a professional is about to take care of it? Upon arrival, Erin greeted us and then quickly directed us to one of our wardrobe choices. Earlier in the month we decided on gowns from Rent the Runway, an uber cool fashion rental site that has selections for any special occasion. Happy with the style and fit of our rentals, we picked some additional dresses and accessories from the Vintage Luxe inventory.
Next – makeup and hair! Dane of Fierce Faces followed Erin’s recommendations to a “t”. It was very relaxing to just sit and let Dane do her great work. One by one we were fiercely transformed.
We smiled. We shifted. We pouted. We posed. Erin had previously painted a custom backdrop and decided on just the right props to achieve our desired results. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, our session was done for the day.
As we previewed our images, I got a little misty-eyed thinking about our individual internal struggles. Erin, who received one of the few family height genes, was always taller than her peers – a lot taller. Her loving home and good nature kept any ill effects in check, with only a short-lived “flat shoes only” phase.  Now she’s stunningly head-and-shoulders above the rest, both literally and as a photographer.
My sister was always considered the intelligent tomboy. Her Mediterranean ethnicity gave her striking features that she tried to downplay while talking football. But the truth is, my sister is a beauteous brainiac, whose career involved selflessly imparting knowledge to others.
During the wonder years, I was the “pretty one” according to our parents. But to everyone else, I was the “fat one.” Shamed long before shaming was named, I grew up always on a diet. It’s only now that I can embrace the health and active lifestyle my search for self-esteem has afforded me.

While we settle on our favorites, dare I say we look sumptuous, elegant; gorgeous perhaps? We are all created uniquely beautiful. Don’t let it take a lifetime to believe it. Allow yourself the indulgence of Vintage Luxe.


Follow Vintage Luxe…














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American Beauties

At Lone Star Pin-up, we know beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors. We’ve had so many gorgeous women pose on our American Beauty inspired rose petals (12,000 of them to be exact) that we just had to share! Hope you enjoy…




















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Anyone Can Be A Pin-up

Just Do It
Yes, yes, I know – this is the famed slogan of Nike, which is celebrated by athletic activists everywhere. I’m not talking about a sporting event right now; however, the catalyst for this post did happen in a gym, therefore it’s totally appropriate for me to reference it. Stay with me.
During a recent evening spin class where I’m considered a “regular”, the instructor struck up a conversation with me during a slower period of an interval mix. Even though we weren’t at full gossip speed, he managed to say “Hey, I saw your pin-up pictures on Facebook. They were fantastic.” Ummm, did he just say that out loud?
“Thank you.” That’s really all I could manage to utter. I was too busy watching my classmates’ heads, not their feet, spin in my direction. Their flushed faces just seemed to say “What the what?” And then, I realized what they might be thinking.
Sometimes when one hears the word “pin-up”, there’s a misinformed connotation that’s associated with it – you have to have a perfect body to be a pin-up; you have to have flawless skin to be a pin-up; you have to be a certain age to be a pin-up; you have to take off most of your clothes to be a pin-up. See what I mean? In my sweaty, spandexed state, I certainly did not appear to be pin-up material.
Honestly though, any gal can be a pin-up, radiating beauty in her own wonderfully unique way. It doesn’t matter if you are tall, round, slender or curvy, the camera lens knows no measurements. Skin clarity shouldn’t be of concern either. Flawlessness is practically impossible; that’s why there’s retouching, if it’s so desired. There are the fresh, good looks of youthfulness along with the grace and elegance of maturity. “Age is just a number” became a popular slogan for a reason, ladies. And clothing is probably the most exciting and enjoyable aspect of being transformed into a pin-up. There are hundreds of looks from days gone by to recreate, with endless combinations of wardrobe choices, and styles to match any comfort and modesty level.
Becoming a pin-up takes an amazing photographer, like Erin Shephard of Lone Star Pin-up, of course. Erin will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your session. With her own expressive smile, Erin’s composed cues and helpful posing prompts allow you to achieve naturally radiant results.
Seriously, don’t deprive yourself and over-think the requirements for being a pin-up. You deserve to be stunningly captured forever in print. And I think you know what’s coming next. Just do it!
– Sheri Wall























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Let There Be Light

Photographers are typically mild-mannered, easy-going and fun-loving – unless we are debating studio lighting versus natural light. Then we can get downright ugly. There are pros and cons to both, and everyone has their own opinion. I’m thrilled to have both options to offer my clients. The windows on the north side of my studio offer the perfect setting for achieving enchanting natural light portraits. It’s not like I can load up my clients and take them to the local park for a shoot. Well, I could, but the beauties would cause quite a commotion.
There are many advantages to natural light in general. Natural light has been used as a mood enhancer. Who isn’t happier when the sun is shining, right? Also, natural light is used in homes to make rooms seem larger and more ethereal. Sounds perfect for a photography studio. Natural light portraits have a dreamy quality with their delicate shadows and organic feel. Just look at these gorgeous gals who’ve been captured in natural light here at our studio:
















At Lone Star Pin-up, we make your retro experience as unique as you. Whichever vintage style you desire, we’ll create the perfect ambiance with just the right lighting to make you shine.
Reference Links:


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Open House Review

“I’d like to express how humbled and honored I feel to share this moment with you. This project has been such an important part of my journey and I’m so grateful for this opportunity…”
Sounds like an acceptance speech from Sunday night’s Oscars right? But, it isn’t. These are the reflections of Erin Shephard, creative genius and photographer extraordinaire behind the lens at Lone Star Pin-up. Lone Star Pin-up celebrated its one year anniversary in its fabulous new Temple location on Saturday, February 21, 2014. Erin greeted her fans and visitors alike with the grace and style of a Hollywood celebrity. Her gorgeous smile and stunning retro look were worthy of a red carpet entrance.

Some of the faces that stopped by our open house!

The studio was prepped and readied inside and out, and perhaps even rivaled the splendor of a movie set where an award-winning film may have been produced. There were rooms with cameras and lights. Props, of course, were carefully arranged and categorized and on display for use in any upcoming scenes or sessions. No need to worry about costuming either A closet to die for, full of vintage attire, shoes of all sizes, feathers and finery, was open to peek and peruse. And a professional couturier was even on site, offering her expertise on fitting or custom design inquiries. Since every costume needs the perfect accessory, strands of jewels, baubles and sparkles were displayed for consideration. The dressing room, spacious enough to accommodate any leading lady, was met with the approval of all. And of course hair and makeovers by the lead makeup artist transformed everyone for the look their role required. Contract negotiations throughout the day were professionally handled in the cozy and inviting office, pen in one hand, bubbly beverage or crudités in the other.
It was definitely a first-class afternoon and I for one was elated in which to take part. If you missed it, no worries, you’ll get the same VIP treatment any time you visit Lone Star Pin-up.


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